Talking trains with the SBSL

I had a lovely time last night, talking trains via Zoom with members of the South Bank Short Lines – an association of like-minded modellers in Calgary, Alberta.

The cover slide for my presentation. The background is a closeup photo of one of my S scale CNR boxcars.

I delivered a PowerPoint presentation about how I approached prototype modelling (the CNR in Port Rowan, Ontario in the 1950s) in a niche scale (S, or 1:64). I framed the presentation (I hope) in terms of how one makes such a decision. I discussed what attracted me to the subject and the scale as well as how I determined whether I could, in fact, model the prototype to my satisfaction given what’s available from S scale manufacturers.

After providing a virtual tour of my Port Rowan layout, I wrapped up my presentation by addressing my move from Southern Ontario to Saskatchewan, and provided some thoughts about what I’ll model next in my larger (and much nicer) layout space.

I had a great time, and the 20 or so members of the audience seemed to enjoy my presentation. We had a terrific discussion afterwards.

My understanding is that the SBSL is always on the hunt for guest speakers, so if you have a topic you think might interest them, you can contact the group via their website.

(Thanks again to the members of the SBSL for indulging me! And a special thanks to fellow Saskatchewan resident and modeller Cal Sexsmith, who recently presented to the group and suggested me as a guest speaker.)

Published by Trevor

Lifelong model railway enthusiast and retired amateur shepherd who trained a border collie to work sheep. Professional writer and editor, with some podcasting and Internet TV presenting work thrown in for good measure.

2 thoughts on “Talking trains with the SBSL

  1. A wonderful presentation last evening, Trevor, with the South Bank Short Lines group. When I saw the photo of all the S Scale Workshop guys, and recognized Jim Martin (front and centre), I knew I was ‘home’! Thank you for your wonderful presentation and the enjoyable times spent with the Model Railway Show podcast you did a few years ago. And my thanks to the SBSL for featuring your presentation.
    Morgan Turney – Winnipeg

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