Equipment Portraits :: 5

As I continue my series of equipment portraits, it’s time to focus on the CNR 2-6-0s that were the backbone of the fleet for Port Rowan in 1:64.

CNR 86

This locomotive is the result of a brilliant collaboration between fellow S scale enthusiast Simon Parent and Fred Rouse from The S Scale Locomotive and Supply Company. Simon wanted accurate CNR steam locomotives and in the best tradition of those working in 1:64, he created them. He then worked with Fred to offer these as limited edition kits, so others could enjoy them too. The mogul was Simon’s first locomotive project and it’s beautiful, as I hope these pictures attest.

I commissioned Simon to build this example (and my other 2-6-0s) – it’s something he occasionally does for members and friends of The S Scale Workshop. Simon added 14-wheel pick-up (six drivers + eight wheels on the tender), so it never stalls. He also installed DCC+sound, with two speakers: One in the tender, and the other in the smokebox.

Number 86 – the prototype for this kit – is on display in London, Ontario.

CNR 80

I ordered two moguls from Simon. This is the other one. It’s built from the same kit, but includes several modifications specific to the prototype. Note the different headlight, backup light and coal bunker.

I added brackets to all of my CNR steam locomotives to hold removable classification flags. Mogul 80’s white flags denote it’s running as an extra. This locomotive tended to get a lot of running on the layout, hauling freight to the north shore of Lake Erie.

CNR 908

This is actually the same locomotive as CNR 86 – just in an earlier numbering scheme. When Simon started work on my two moguls (and a third for a friend), he realized he had enough parts to do a fourth. He asked if I would be interested in it. I decided I’d regret not having the third at some point so of course I said yes.

Click on the Portraits category to find all posts in this series. If you’ve read this far, thanks for sticking with it. Next time, more Niagara electrics…

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5 thoughts on “Equipment Portraits :: 5

  1. Beautiful models Trevor. From a neighbor boy who lived nearly dead straight across Lake Erie (in Erie PA) and made more than one beer run to Port Dover in the high school days when these gals were just finishing their lives.

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  2. Very lovely models indeed Trevor, I’m sure they were not cheap, but I can see the quality of the workmanship is absolutely superb. On top of that, they breathe character as they’re not showroom shiny, but lived in finishes. I’ve run out of superlatives!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Simon does great work. I wrote a great cheque. 🙂
      I designed Port Rowan for Simon’s steam locomotives. As I work to create a suitable layout for my own electric locomotives I’m doing my best to ensure these steamers have a place to run on it.


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