Equipment Portraits :: 6

Let’s return to the S scale equipment I’ve built for the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway. In a previous post in this series I covered The Three Sisters, a trio of freight motors that I built in a batch from a common kit. Now, let’s look at a fourth, very different model…

NS&T 20

General Electric built this 55-ton steeple cab in 1914 for the South Brooklyn Railway. The CNR acquired it in 1938 in a trade with a used equipment dealer and assigned it to the NS&T, where it became Number 20. Like many NS&T freight motors, it was scrapped after the overhead wire came down in 1960.

My model started with brass photo-etches, side frames, and a trolley pole from William Flatt. I drilled, folded, and soldered my way to a basic body, then added details from a variety of other sources. Having learned by doing with The Three Sisters, this build went a lot easier and faster. My model of Number 20 rides on a pair of Black Beetle power trucks from Steam Era Models in Australia and is very smooth and quiet. Control is via an ESU LokSound V5 decoder enhanced with a PowerPack module and loaded with a customized sound package.

As I add to this series, I’m collecting all of these posts under the Portraits Category so they’re easy to find. Enjoy if you browse. Next time, a very different freight motor build…

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