Equipment Portraits :: 13

Let’s continue this series of posts with some portraits of S scale equipment that ran on Port Rowan in 1:64, with notes about each model. The equipment is presented in no particular order.

CNR 7184

This was an essential car on my layout – a combine in the solid green CNR scheme, to fill out the mixed train to Port Rowan. The model is a mixed media (brass and wood) kit designed by my friend Andy Malette and sold through his company, MLW Services. My friend Pierre Oliver at Elgin Car Shops built the kit for me. I then added finishing details – including the window glass, the window shades, and the diaphragms. I also added the conductor in the vestibule and a spare DCC sound decoder with speaker in the baggage section so I can emulate train line signals from the conductor to the engineer. The trucks are American Models six-wheel trucks: These look nice but do not track well, so I enhanced them with special rigid beam compensation subframes designed and laser cut for me by Tim Warris at Fast Tracks, based on a solution sometimes employed by UK modellers. This working suspension makes a world of difference.

BAOX 378

This is a brass model (as evidenced by the bare brass peeking out around two of the domes), which I painted for a Canadian petroleum company. The lettering – the most important part of this project – came from Al Ferguson at Black Cat Publishing: He offers this set in HO scale, and kindly did a custom run for me in S. This is a great resource for Canadian modellers. Reasonably, he charges twice the price of the HO decals, since it’s a custom run. Also reasonably, this is a lot less than the set-up fee one would expect. Thanks, Al!

CNR 470015

I did five of these cars around 2015. They started as ready to run models by S Helper Service. I replaced the plastic roof walks with real wood, and updated the provided K brakes to AB brake sets using brass kits sold by BTS. I then painted this car (and its four mates) with CNR mineral red #11 from the CNR Historical Association, and lettered them with decals sets from Al Ferguson at Black Cat Publishing.

There’s more to come in this series. Eventually, I hope to document all of my S scale equipment in this fashion. Meantime, see the Portraits category to find all of these posts. Enjoy if you do!

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