The scale modelling hobby blog you should be reading

Great modelling, painting, and weathering of a complex model.
But as the banner suggests, that’s only one third of the story at Sprue Pie With Frets.

If you haven’t run into Sprue Pie with Frets by Steve Lee, you owe it to yourself to add it to your reader.

Steve is an accomplished modeller and when he’s head down in a project his frequent, brief progress reports are like following the photos of a build in a well-produced hobby magazine.

But the blog’s real value – and why you need Steve on your radar – is in his coverage of the business side of hobbies such as ours. He sheds light on various issues, challenges, and opportunities affecting manufacturing, trends, hobby history, publishing, content creators, shows and other organized events, and hobbyists. These are always informative, always insightful, and always well written.

An excellent example is Steve’s recent post about Martin Kovacs, aka “Uncle Night Shift” – a modeller who creates video content for almost 300,000 subscribers. (Yes – THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND. Think about that next time you’re looking at subscriber figures for any railway modelling magazine.)

Uncle Night Shift has paying subscribers. Sounds like he’s living the dream, right? So why does Steve feel compelled to send him soup? For the answer, read Uncle Night Shift has earned his time off, and a decent meal

… and when you’re finished, visit the SPWF home page and hit Follow, or subscribe by email.

Steve actually shares his work via two blogs. SPWF covers his scale models of military, Sci-Fi, and other subjects. He also pens Up Dunes Junction, about his railway modelling endeavours. It’s worth a look, too!

Published by Trevor

Lifelong model railway enthusiast and retired amateur shepherd who trained a border collie to work sheep. Professional writer and editor, with some podcasting and Internet TV presenting work thrown in for good measure.

One thought on “The scale modelling hobby blog you should be reading

  1. Trevor::

    Your comments about the effort that you and Jim put into The Model Railway Show should be required reading for any who thinks podcasting is easy. It is not. This is especially so if one is trying to hit the standard of erudition and quality that your loyal listeners had come to expect.
    Kovacs is clearly trying to delineate hobby time from HOBBY time as it pertains to his YouTube channel.
    The other thing worth noting are the YouTube channels from Luke Towan (primarily related to model railroading and diorama/vignette building) and Plasmo (scale modeling) who have 1M+ and 700K+ subscribers respectively. With those numbers, I wonder what the ‘legacy’ content providers are thinking about their continued relevance?

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