GWR: Beautiful Bogies

Now that’s a handsome train!

In late March, I was fortunate to acquire three GWR bogie coaches from a UK retailer. They got jammed up in Canadian customs for more than a week – in part due to the Easter break – but finally arrived yesterday and oh wow: they are definitely worth the wait!

These 7mm scale Lee Marsh models – a pair of Brake/3rds and an All 3rd – are in mint condition. They’re finished in the GWR’s 1898 scheme and will look perfect behind my Dean Single.

GWR 2052 (Brake/3rd)
GWR 3136 (All 3rd)
GWR 2055 (Brake/3rd)

I’m thrilled to have these. (I do wish Lee Marsh was still producing passenger cars – I’d love a model of an Edwardian era GWR inspection saloon to run for my railway’s directors.) They require some very restrained weathering to lighten up the black underbodies (so one can appreciate all the exquisite detail), and to knock back the high-glow white roofs (which would’ve been quickly covered with soot).

And, of course, they need someplace to run. I’m still working on that.

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