The NS&T motor parade

It’s 1959 and while passenger traffic has now been transferred to buses, the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway is still busy hauling freight under wire. Freight traffic was significant right to the end of the NS&T’s life: While the juice will be turned off in another year, CNR diesels will take over.

In this short movie shot on Welland Avenue in St. Catharines, two freight motors – NS&T 18 and 19 – head into the car barn at the end of their shifts. Then, a third freight motor – NS&T 8 – lifts a short cut of cars out of the adjacent storage yard. It’s headed east along Welland Avenue to Niagara Street and then, likely, onto the Merritton transfer.

I shot this today after someone on Facebook asked about available sound decoders for traction equipment. I fit all of my NS&T models with a LokSound V5 decoder. I load decoders with a Penn Central / Conrail GG-1 sound file customized for me by Matt Herman. The mods include tying the flange squeal to the drive (at low volume) so the freight motors make some noise while moving. There are also traction motor blowers and of course bell and horn (or, in the case of 18, an air-powered whistle).

(Fun fact: A year or so ago, someone took me to task on a newsgroup for installing sound decoders in my freight motors, declaring “Traction doesn’t make any sound”. So this video is also for him.)

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