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A parting gift

It only took 56 operations for the light to come on…

11 more planks

In which I finish more GWR Opens.

Gronk vs.

Comparing 7mm and 1:48, as well as 7mm in different eras.


A classic British Rail diesel, because not everything 7mm is Edwardian.

Pinsly Railroad Company

A new book that might just inspire your next Achievable Layout.

MET(RR) some old friends

Photographing the same locomotives in California and Saskatchewan.

Short Staff in 7/8″

The Decauville gets an engineer, and the estate railway gets some personality.

“OS Don”

An exceptional book for any student of prototype operations.


Getting things sorted, now that some needed furniture has arrived.

The appeal of Ferguson Avenue

Port Rowan modelled the end of the line. Here are some thoughts about the beginning.

Concept sketch templates

Exploring the new layout space, and a first look at the room itself.

Establishing Shot

Borrowing a trick from TV and film production.

Leedham Mill

Scratch-building an important customer at the end of the line.

CNR 8789

This heavily modified brass model carries baggage and express to Port Rowan.

NYC steel gondolas

One of the few S scale resin kits offered by Funaro & Camerlengo.

CNR 3640 in RMC

An extensive rebuild of an S scale brass model, including custom paint masks.

“Cue the train…”

That time two dozen people spent 13 hours in my layout room, shooting scenes for a movie.

David Barrow’s vision

David Barrow influenced a generation of hobbyists. Here’s what I learned when I visited his layout.


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