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Establishing Shot

Borrowing a trick from TV and film production.

Leedham Mill

Scratch-building an important customer at the end of the line.

CNR 8789

This heavily modified brass model carries baggage and express to Port Rowan.

NYC steel gondolas

One of the few S scale resin kits offered by Funaro & Camerlengo.

CNR 3640 in RMC

An extensive rebuild of an S scale brass model, including custom paint masks.

“Cue the train…”

That time two dozen people spent 13 hours in my layout room, shooting scenes for a movie.

David Barrow’s vision

David Barrow influenced a generation of hobbyists. Here’s what I learned when I visited his layout.

The Austin Eagle is in the books!

I went to Texas to speak at an NMRA regional convention. Here’s what I talked about, and what I learned.

Investing in others: Roweham

An example of how one can engage with and contribute to the hobby – even when one does not have the space or time to build a layout of one’s own.

Speaking at OVAR – March 2018

I had a great time seeing friends when I spoke at this amazing supper club in Canada’s capital.

Shooting a Cover

The challenges of tilting the camera 90 degrees.

CNR 4204

A beautiful model of a Canadian National 2-10-2 built for me by my friend Simon Parent. What’s it doing in Port Rowan?

CML 1952

Paying tribute to a layout builder who inspired my own trip through this hobby.

Al and Al Fresco

Adding Al Fresco, the open air driver, to a live steam Garratt.

How about a layout plan?

The preliminary plan for my rendition of the Simcoe Sub to Port Rowan in 1:64.

Why S scale?

It’s far from everyone’s first choice, but it worked for me. Here’s why.

Why Port Rowan?

My reason is purely practical. Here’s why.

Breaking Marley’s Chains

It’s hard for hobbyists to admit they’re not enjoying their model railway. But if they’re not, it’s time to take drastic measures.

The Peterboro Project

Building a modular layout for exhibition with a friend.

Modelling Smithville

Anatomy of a junction – and my first serious layout.

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