God’s Wonderful Railway in 7mm

When I was a wee lad, my first train sets came from the toy shops in the big department stores and were British outline. I had a Hornby clockwork set in 00 scale, followed by a succession of battery-powered Hornby-Meccano trains in 0.

Future empire builder / railway tycoon

My connection with British railroading was further entrenched through the magazines that were available to me. At the time, finding a North American modelling publication such as Railroad Model Craftsman or Model Railroader required a trip to the hobby shop – and in Toronto, that required most of a day via public transit and therefore only happened a few times per year. By contrast, I could find British magazines in smoke shops and bookstores – and there seemed to be one of those every few blocks in my neighbourhood.

North American railroading eventually won me over and I have enjoyed several decades of modelling and operating layouts based on Canadian or American prototypes.

Then a few years ago I was invited to help my friend Brian Dickey exhibit his 7mm scale Great Western Railway layout Roweham – and the experience rekindled my interest in British trains.

Mugging for the camera while shunting on “Roweham” at The Great British Train Show

Since then, I’ve acquired a few locomotives and built several kits for passenger cars and goods wagons – all in 7mm, and all depicting the GWR (“God’s Wonderful Railway”) in the Edwardian era. I know at some point I’ll built a GWR layout of some size to scratch this nostalgic itch.

I’ve shared a number of posts on this website about my British modelling. You can find all of them in the Great Western Railway in 7mm scale Category. Enjoy if you visit!

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