Niagara Electrics in 1:64

I lived in St. Catharines when I was a teenager, and soon learned that the eastern end of the Niagara Peninsula had once been served by an extensive electric railway system. The Niagara St. Cathrines & Toronto Railway was a CNR subsidiary that operated until 1960: almost 20 years before we moved to the Garden City from Toronto.

Growing up, my first exposure to railways took the form of Toronto’s streetcars (and subways) and I was thrilled to discover the NS&T once provided an ideal blend of transit and traditional freight railroading.

I’ve entertained the idea of modelling the NS&T off an on ever since. Now – decades later – I’m exploring the idea more seriously. I’ve built some equipment and started work on a small layout depicting the railway’s shop complex – which could become the heart of a basement empire under wire.

I’ve shared a number of posts about my NS&T projects, and you can find all of them – from the most recent back to the very first – via the Niagara St. Catharines & Toronto Railway category on this site.

I hope you’ll follow along…

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