Port Rowan in 1:64

An S scale study of a Canadian National Railways branch in Southern Ontario – in its twilight years…

Welcome to Port Rowan – the gateway to Long Point on the north shore of Lake Erie.
An overview of the terminal in Port Rowan, Ontario.

The Canadian National Railways Simcoe Subdivision in Southern Ontario is the subject of Port Rowan in 1:64 – the model railway I built in my basement between October 2011 and August 2020. Specifically, I was modelling two towns – the end of the line at Port Rowan, and the next town up the line, St. Williams. The layout was built in S scale, and my focus was the early-mid 1950s.

If this is your first encounter with Port Rowan, here are some links to early posts that explain what I was doing:

In 2020, my wife and I decided for various reasons that we needed to move from southern Ontario to the Canadian Prairies. The Port Rowan layout came down at the end of August.

Port Rowan was the most complete layout I have built. At a guess, I’d say it was 85%-90% complete. The most obvious unfinished project was the Port Rowan station itself. In addition, there were a few background structures to build, a bunch of details to add, and several vignettes to fabricate. I learned many terrific lessons from Port Rowan that I will apply to my next project.

Here are some photos of the layout in its final form:

Click on this link – Port Rowan in 1:64 – if you want to read all of my blog posts that are related to this layout. Enjoy if you visit!

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